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Dragon Ball Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Frieza’s Army and Unleash Your Inner Saiyan!

Dragon Ball Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Frieza's Army and Unleash Your Inner Saiyan!

Welcome to the Quiz! Here, we'll put your knowledge to the test about 's Army. Whether you're a super fan or a casual viewer, this quiz will challenge your understanding of one of the most iconic factions in the Dragon Ball universe!

Who is the leader of the Frieza's Army?
King Cold
What is the name of Frieza's ultimate form?
Super Frieza
Frieza Form 2
Golden Frieza
Mecha Frieza
Which member of the Ginyu Force is the smallest?
Captain Ginyu
What is the name of Frieza's home planet?
Planet Cold
Planet Frieza
Planet Frieza 79
What is the maximum power level of Frieza in his final form?
120 million
1 million
150 million
Who was responsible for reviving Frieza after his death?

Introduction to Frieza's Army

One of the most iconic antagonists in the Dragon Ball series is Frieza, remembered not only for his own strength and cruelty, but also for the massive and powerful army he commands. This interstellar military organization is notorious for its tyranny, conquests, and the fear it instills across various galaxies.

A Glimpse into Frieza's Army

Frieza's Army, also known as the Frieza Force, plays a significant role in the Dragon Ball series. is composed of a multitude of species from various conquered planets, all united under Frieza's rule. This melting pot of warriors makes the army diverse and unpredictable, contributing to its reputation of being invincible.

  • The army is primarily known for its invasion and subsequent control over many planets, which are then sold to the highest bidders.
  • Frieza's right-hand man and the second in command, Captain Ginyu, leads the Ginyu Force, an elite group of warriors known for their eccentric and flamboyant behavior.
  • Alien species such as the Saiyans, Zarbon's race, and the Ginyu Force's races are part of this formidable army.
  • The army also includes a scientific team, responsible for technology and biological enhancements. The creation of the Cybermen and the reconstruction of Frieza himself are notable examples of their work.
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The Impact of Frieza's Army

Frieza's Army is a quintessential part of the Dragon Ball series. Its influence and the challenges it poses shape the series' narrative, pushing the protagonists to their limits and beyond. The army's strength, tactics, and the diversity of its members make them a formidable adversary, and provide the Z-Fighters with numerous struggles, victories, and defeats.


As fans of the Dragon Ball series, diving deep into the details of Frieza's Army can enhance our understanding of the storyline and character development. Through this quiz, you'll be able to test and enrich your knowledge about one of the most powerful armies in the Dragon Ball universe.

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