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Take the Ultimate Netflix Quiz and Find Out if You’re a Die-Hard Fan of “Dear White People”!

Take the Ultimate Netflix Quiz and Find Out if You're a Die-Hard Fan of

Welcome to the ultimate Quiz! This is your chance to prove your fandom for the hit show Dear White People. Packed with thought-provoking questions, this quiz will challenge your knowledge and memory of the series' characters, plot twists, and iconic moments. Are you ready to claim your title as a true fan?

Who is the creator of Dear White People?
What is the name of the college in Dear White People?
Who is the radio host in Dear White People?
Samantha White
Lionel Higgins
Troy Fairbanks
Coco Conners
What is the name of the controversial party in Dear White People?
Pastiche's Party
Winchester's Party
Pastiche's White Party
Winchester's Spring Break Party
In which year was Dear White People originally released on Netflix?
Which character is openly gay in Dear White People?
Lionel Higgins
Samantha White
Troy Fairbanks
Reggie Green

What Dear White People is All About

Dear White People is a groundbreaking series that focuses on a group of black students navigating the daily slights and slippery politics of life at an college that is not as post-racial as it thinks. The show tackles a variety of social issues with a keen sense of humor and a lot of cultural commentary.

The Plot

The series centers around Samantha White, a student and radio host who uses her platform to call out the college's less-than-subtle racism. The series also delves into the lives of her friends and acquaintances, each one serving as a unique perspective on the black experience in modern America.

Key Characters

  • Samantha White: A film major and radio host who isn't afraid to speak her mind.
  • Troy Fairbanks: The dean's son who fights to fit into both the black and white worlds.
  • Lionel Higgins: A socially awkward journalist who discovers his sexuality.
  • Coco Conners: A financially challenged student who hides her past to fit into the college's elite circle.
  • Reggie Green: An activist who is forced to confront the police.
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Why Dear White People is Important

Dear White People is more than just a TV series. It's a social commentary that presents a conversation about race, identity, and what it means to be a person of color in a predominantly white space. It breaks down stereotypes and challenges societal norms. Watching the series can be entertaining, thought-provoking, and even a bit uncomfortable – but that's the point. It's about starting conversations and facilitating understanding.

Take the Quiz

Think you've paid close attention to Dear White People? Test your knowledge with this quiz and find out just how well you know the characters, plot, and the critical issues the series addresses. Good luck!

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